How it's work

What is Guidi

Tourist guide

Our platform will guide you to and on landmarks, tourist sites and places we find fascinating.

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With our mobile app you will be able to chat with guides who will tell you all about the place you are visiting.

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Historical figures

Your AI guide will present himself as a historical figure characteristic to location you are at.

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Our 4 core pillars

What makes Guidi valuable


Your guide will be a historical figure telling his story from his point of view, in first person.


The guide is asking YOU what interest YOU!


Designed to resemble messaging apps and therefore intuitive and familiar.


We only guide you to the most relevant content.

How it works

Components of our platform

Host API

Machine learning and decision-making for our chatbots that is done on the server-side


Our cross-platform app gives all the power of our platform to our users wherever, whenever

Host database

Wast quantities of data that feed our ML models need to be managed with great care

Creators' app

Web-based component that enables individuals to write content for share of the profits

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chatbot?
A platform where you can talk with an AI. Some Chatbots deal with prewritten conversation options and others try to process the language and act as humanly as possible.
Is your app free to download?
Yes and we would love for you to try it while it still is.
Why don't you have the story about this place yet?
We are waiting for you to write it 😀
What is your target market and its size?
Our target group is made of:
People aged 16-30
Who plan their stays themselves
Travel by themselves or in small groups
Are interested in cultural history, culture, architecture, art
Are adventurous, like exploring or are into extreme sports
Stay in hostels/camps or Airbnb-s
Cyclists, campers or backpackers

Research shows that 75% of millennials have installed travel apps on their phone, and 60% cited authentic culture as the most important aspect of their travel experience. This shows that target audience is huge and willing to try out technical solutions.

86% of them is disappointed by experience of online travel agents on their phones. This number shows that the problem stays very much unaddressed at the moment and that innovation is needed in the market.

Millennials are also 13% more probable to seek destinations of cultural or historic significance which shows that the market is growing.

58% of millennials claim that they want to travel by themselves. These people are the best target for our marketing as they often need guidance and seek flexibility on the road that our platform could provide.

Tourism industry is of course huge but here are some revenue numbers of possible competitors:

Trip advisor – 900M
Foursquare – 150M
izi.Travel – 7M
Why now is a good timing for your business?
Tourism business is a highly habitual market and a large portion of tourists are regulars, who either visit the same places for years or even decades or influence their micro environments through recommendations. As this chain was disrupted by the pandemic, there could be major upsets in the tourism market brought by changed routes and behaviors. This could be an ideal chance for us to capitalize on this instablity.
What sets us apart

Unique value proposition

Guidi learns and develops

Our ML models dynamically break apart the conversation graph and stich it together based on user’s previous activities. Reviews, sent messages and time spent reading feed into our recommendation engine.

  • Recommendation engine
  • Emoji signaling to the model
  • Reading time signaling
  • Ordering of question options
  • Recommending locations
  • Linking conversation graphs
Guidi knows how musch to speak and when to listen

Or chatbot responses are short and sweet, as they should be. Not every user is equally interested in each topic, Guidi adjusts the amount of information shown to each one.

  • Message alternatives
  • Branch skipping
  • Geotagging alternative options
  • Push notification messages on wait
Guidi interperts the tone of your writting

Depending on the conversation options chosen, Guidi understands if you are aiming for a informational, funny or lyrical tone, and it adjusts it’s responses accordingly. It can also conditionally send responses depending on the time and place of the user or it’s previous actions.

  • User tone detection
  • Message alternatives
  • Recommendation alternatives
  • Time and place conditional messages
  • Action history conditional messages
Guidi knows the habits of it’s users

Guidi logs the actions of it’s users, and monitors how they use the app. This data is used for improving the application itself as well as it’s content.

  • User retention
  • Time spent on location
  • Time spent on each message
  • Option clicked frequency
  • Geolocation
  • User feedback
  • Partners discount spent
Through Guidi the most knowledgeable speak

You can trust that content on our platform will be reliable and of utmost quality as we hire the best people for each location separately.

  • Tourist guides
  • Authors / Writers 
  • Journalists
  • Historians
  • Curators
  • Screenwriters 
How we provide the best experiences

Important Features

Exact microlocation

Conditional messages based on geolocation, facing direction, and on location sensors.


Custom per user recommendations based on previous history and preferences.

Packaged stories

Downloadable packages so user can go offline and still get the full functionality.

Push notifications

We can message you just as you can us, if you pass nearby you will be prompted.

QR code

We can offer discount codes that are verifiable with QR code scanners.


Conditional messaging based on user location.

Interactive map

Our custom map is highly interactive and hides hidden gems and details.

Online payment

Users can pay for content or buy partner deals directly through app.

Our Team

Meet The Team


Pricing Plans and options

The app of our platform is free to download and use, but you can pay for the convenience of better planning or to het the benefits of the premium plan

Unlock a destination

5$/ Per story

  • Disable timer
  • 5 Easter eggs
  • Planning convenience
  • 1 recommendation discount
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Premium Subscription

24$/ Per Month

  • Unlimited discounts
  • Premium offers
  • Priority booking
  • No Timers
  • Unlimited Easter eggs
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What do i do with the app?

Core loop of the platform

Choose location

We will recommend the best ones for you, but you can go anywhere you want.


Every location's database is filled with 1000s of possible questions you can ask, but we will present you with just a couple options at the start.

Be amazed

When you choose a question to ask, you will immediately get an answer and get a few more options to ask based on that. Simple as that.